With the Lookeen Backup Manager you can help protect against accidental data loss -  safe and reliable!


The Outlook Backup software archives your emails, contacts, tasks, notes, rules, email accounts, signatures and browser favourites (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) as well as your Business Contact Manager data banks.


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Functional range

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Lookeen Backup Manager guides you every single step of the way, leading you through the files in need of a backup a clearly arranged manner. You decide yourself, which files will be backed up to what extent and if they will be password protected.

With the 1:1 image function you can even transfer a complete copy of an Outlook profile on to a different computer.




The following Outlook files can be backed up and recreated by Outlook Backup Manager:

  • Data files with mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes
  • Email accounts
  • Filters and rules for incoming emails
  • Signatures
  • Personal address books
  • Self-defined categories
  • Transmission settings
  • Nicknames for email addresses
  • Program settings
  • Macros and VBA-projects
  • Business Contact Manager 2003 files
  • Business Contact Manager 2007/2010 files
  • RSS-Feeds (Outlook 2007 and above)
  • Outlook quick devices (Outlook 2007 and above)
  • Office user dictionaries, even in Unicode format

The following options can be backed up and recreated separately by Outlook Backup tool:

  • Email options
  • Calendars and planned tasks
  • Task options
  • Contact options
  • Journal options
  • Note options
  • Search options
  • Position of trust center
  • Profile depending on Junk email options (among other things lists with blocked and secure sender)

The following options can be backed up and recreated by Outlook Backup software:

  • Office automatic correction lists and settings for Toolbars and menus
  • Office templates
  • User-defined Office forms
  • Office quick toolbar
  • Office menu ribbon (Outlook 2007 and above)
  • Word quick modules (Outlook 2007 and above)
  • OneNote notebooks (Outlook 2007 and above)

The following Browser files will be backed up and recreated by Outlook Backup solution:

  • Internet Explorer Favorites
  • Internet Explorer Safety zones
  • Internet Explorer Web slices (IE8 and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox Favorites
  • Opera Favorites, addresses, notes, widgets
  • Apple Safari Favorites
  • Google Chrome Favorites


  • Password protection
  • Reset Outlook
  • Clear blocked file extensions
  • Back up of optional files and folders in the “My Documents” folder
  • Automate the backup with a batch file through a desktop link
  • Adjustable maximum backup size (Split Function)
  • Backed up files can be completely or selectively re-imported into the system
  • Extract data files without overwriting existing files
  • Integrated software update search


Data files with Emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes